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AOpen 1640 Pro DVD ROM Review


Written on: March 28,2001

Written By: Merc®

Supplied by: AOpen





Will DVD replace your CD in the near future?

DVD has one major thing going for it above CD…DVD can hold more than 5 times that of a CD meaning plenty more data storage. I have games that came with 4 CD’s, that will fit on just 1 DVD. It’s like Deja vu. Remember when a game came on 5 floppy disks and then CD was introduced, it was like a gift from the God’s. The problem for the last few years was that the CD ROM speeds were far more superior than that of the available DVD ROM’s. AOpen has a 16x DVD ROM (1640) that we take a look at in this review. The question we wanted to know and I am sure you are itching to find out is can the AOpen 1640 DVD ROM give your current CD ROM a run for its money and possibly replace it?? Let’s find out…


Whats in the Box?



The AOpen 1640 arrived at my door in a HUGE box filled with the packaging plastic. Before I go any further I have to give it up to the people at AOpen, you would swear that they are shipping nuclear warheads the way they pack their products. You have no worries about anything getting damaged. Keep up the good work AOpen….:)



Included in the box is a 4 page English manual, CD Audio cable, drivers, screws and the latest version of PowerDVD. The included DVD software player PowerDVD is my number 1 choice player. The program is user friendly, tons of options and looks great, you can even have a choice of skins if you prefer.

The DVD ROM itself is a slot loading DVD Drive, eliminating the “pop out” tray that virtually all CD/DVD ROM drives have. This is one of the options I love most about this drive because I have actually broke off a “pop out” tray before, and came awful close a few times after to breaking off others. Another thing is how many times have you gone to close the CD Tray and realized that the CD was not placed in correctly as the tray was closing? With the AOpen 1640 that is one less worry you will have to worry about.


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